The Best Way to Make Your Christmas Tree Pet-Friendly

Decorating for the holidays with a pet can be difficult, especially when it involves setting up your Christmas tree. Pet owners need to know how to keep their pets safe and ensure that the tree is intact throughout the holiday season.

Both cats and dogs could consume Christmas tree water, or knock down trees. Some cats also love to climb on the trunk and play with the dangling decorations. A curious cat or dog can pose a danger to Christmas ornaments.

There is good news: pets and Christmas trees can live together. These safety tips will help you protect your pets, Christmas trees, and Christmas decorations. Finest Loan Hub

Pet Safe Christmas Tree

For maximum stability, you should start with a strong tree stand. If your pet swallows pine needles or any shredded plastic from an artificial tree, it can cause serious health problems. Pine needles, which are mildly toxic, can cause irritation to pets’ mouths. Plastic needles and pine needles can also block their intestines.

Avoid artificial trees that are flocked, colored, or covered in glitter. Your pets may be attracted to these styles.

Use pet deterrents such as citrus spray or bitter apple spray to discourage chewing and clawing.

Keep your pet away from tree water, especially if it contains preservatives, aspirin, or other products that help preserve a Christmas tree’s freshness. Tree stands may have covers that can use to discourage pets. You can make a simple cover from an aluminum tray or tin foil if your tree stand doesn’t have one. You can also tie the tree skirt around the trunk from the tree stand.

Christmas Tree Size and Location

The size of your Christmas tree will determine the safety of pets and Christmas tree safety. No matter the size of your tree, there are always trade-offs. A smaller tree is easier to get into and can be tempting for pets to do mischief. A larger Christmas tree can cause more damage. You might have your pet injured if the tree falls on your furniture. A falling tree could damage your television, smash precious tabletop decorations, or even destroy many ornaments depending on where it is located. Water from a live tree can cause damage to your floor or rug.

You can secure your tree by placing it in a corner, behind your sofa, or in a room that can seal off with a door or pet gate. Use a few hooks to anchor your tree to the ceiling or wall.

Pet fencing can use to block the tree if that is not possible. If you’re not able to watch your pet, lock them in a separate room.

Ornaments and Decorations

Avoid decorating your Christmas tree with edibles. While cute ornaments like popcorn and cranberry strings, and ornaments made of modeling clay, salt dough, and flour paste, as well as ornaments for Christmas cookies, are not safe for pets.

Glass ornaments can be dangerous for your pet if they are swallowed. Tinsel and garland can also block your pet’s intestinal tracts and may need to remove if inhaled.

What kind of Christmas decorations are you allowed to put on your tree?

Christmas Central has a large selection of shatterproof ornaments that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree. Although shatterproof ornaments can’t be destroyed, they are very durable and won’t break if damaged.

Use short lengths or ribbons to hang your ornaments. If swallowed, a metal ornament hook could lodge in your pet’s throat or intestines. The ornament hooks can be very flexible, so keep the hook and ornament from falling apart.

Here are more Christmas safety tips for pets

  • You can use swags instead of draping garlands on mantels. Also, keep your pet’s bouquet out of reach.
  • Use flameless LED lamps to decorate table tops. Many home fires are caused by pets knocking on lit candles.
  • Attach electrical cords securely to the tree and tape them to your floor. A loose cable can be tempting to chew pets, which could lead to severe consequences.
  • Make sure that your mini Christmas light bulbs are secured. Your pet could attract a loose bulb that falls on the ground.
  • With a little water, you can train your pet to avoid the Christmas tree. You might place a vacuum cleaner or broom near the tree. Your pet will avoid the tree if he is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not decorate your tree while your pets are present. A bunch of ornaments on the tree will pique their interest more than a few loose ones!

Avoid being surprised by a horizontal Christmas tree when you wake up on Christmas morning. You and your pet will enjoy the holiday season more safely and comfortably if you do some planning.

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