Gamepad App for Android TV

What is your knowledge of gamepads? Well, know that it is a particular style of two-handed video game controller that uses the fingers, particularly the thumbs, to input commands. They frequently serve as the primary input method for gaming consoles.

Through an app, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, you can truly transform your mobile device into a virtual multi-touch gamepad for computer games. Do you realize this?

For the gamepad app to connect, a Windows application must be installed on your computer. The Gamepad App has a few features, including:

  1. Simple traditional buttons
  2. Use the mobile app to access the collection of games and execute them, each with its own unique set of keys.
  3. The device’s accelerometer’s functionality
  4. To control Windows volume, use the volume controls on your device.
  5. Emulation of mouse movements and clicking.

There are some gamepads for which the server application is only accessible through Windows. To conserve battery as much as possible, use dark mode.

Permissions for APK

  1. Access network ports.
  2. Have access to network information.
  3. Look up details regarding wireless networks.
  4. Join associated Bluetooth gadgets.
  5. Track down and connect Bluetooth devices.

Every Version of it

Versions of the APK that are currently accessible include 1.3.7, 1.3.2, 1.3.1, 1.3.0, 1.2.0, 1.1.6, 1.1.5, 1.1.4, 1.1.3, 1.1.2, and 1.1.1.

Apps for various Gamepads on Android TV

1. Ultimate Gamepad

With the help of a tool called Ultimate Controller, you can turn your Android handset into a gamepad that you can use to play any computer game.

You have the option of connecting the Ultimate Gamepad through Bluetooth or WiFi while configuring it. Both solutions are effective. Whichever you select, all you need to do to get started is connect it to the computer you want to play on.

The layout of the buttons on the virtual control for the Ultimate Gamepad is remarkably similar to that of the Playstation. Four buttons to the right, four higher triggers, two centre buttons, and a cross are all present (start and select).

With the help of the highly intriguing app Ultimate Gamepad, you can always carry a gamepad in your pocket. The virtual controller isn’t as accurate as a genuine one would be, but it might be useful occasionally.

Requirements: Android 2.2 or later is necessary.

2. Android Gamepad TV 2.4G Wireless Controller Black Micro

This is the Gamepad for wireless devices. This Android gamepad’s features

(a) The wireless controller is 2.4 GHz.

This game controller uses 2.4G wireless transmission technology and lacks Bluetooth functionality and vibration. It also offers improved automated connectivity.

Due to the adoption of high-performance CPUs, all types of Android devices are supported, the gamepad is more stable, has high-precision 360° Rockers, and almost no delay. Support for PS3, PC, tablets, TV boxes, smart TVs, etc.

You won’t get tired of playing the game for a long time because of the human body curve design!

(b) A precise 360-degree rocker

All simulators and video games are compatible with this Bluetooth controller. The fact that it enables dual battle settings is crucial.

It is appropriate for many recent and dated PC games. It can support both games from the Android platform and several well-known vintage games. Enjoy the popular games available! You can choose from a variety of well-liked games and experience the fun of playing them.

(c) Various Connection Techniques

Games across multiple platforms are compatible with this 2.4 g controller. It may be used with Android tablets, smartphones, TV boxes, laptops, PCs, and PS3 consoles.

Please check to see if your phone has OTG capability.

(d) Two OTG adapter models

You can choose the appropriate OTG adapter to connect to your phone from two that are included with this controller: one is a Micro USB adapter, and the other is a Type C adapter. This controller may be used with practically all Android phones thanks to these two adapters.

(e) PlayStation 3 support

Please keep in mind that a 2.4GHz receiver is required in order for this gamepad to support the PS3 system!

(f) Excellent Design

The gamepad features a 3D rocker and a high-precision 360° design. It boasts a cosy cross-key layout for more adaptable and precise handling! Additionally, the grip is ergonomic, non-slip, matte, and does not fatigue easily over time.

The best possible control for your favourite games is offered by this controller-style joypad. It has a high level of positioning, sensitivity, and precision.

(g) High Sensitivity Button

All controllers have passed the rigorous repeat keystroke test, which verifies button functionality, offers stability, and almost eliminates game latency.

It features a premium pressure-sensitive D-Pad, a 360° joystick without dead zones, a high-sensitivity action button, and the fastest gaming experience available.

(h) Energy Conservation

It connects through a low-power infrared signal. Two AAA batteries are needed for this controller. Batteries are not included in our package due to safety concerns during delivery. Customers must purchase them from nearby retailers.


Connecting to a mobile phone:

Step 1: Connect the wireless receiver through type-C OTG or micro USB.

Step 2: Next, connect the wireless receiver to the phone.

Step 3: If the two lights continue to illuminate, the controller needs to be adjusted to the appropriate mode for a telephone. That indicates a successful controller connection.

FAQs for the Android TV gamepad app

The following are frequently asked questions concerning the Gamepad App for Android TV:

1. Which gamepad works best with Android T?

The EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad for Android TV, PC (X Input), and PS3 features Type-C Charging, 8+ Hours of Playtime, Zero Lag Connectivity up to 12 Feet, Digital Triggers, and a TV-compatible USB Extender. It is available in Dusk Grey.

2. Is it possible to utilize an Android phone as a gamepad?

Yes. Just connect Bluetooth usage Open the apps on both your PC and phone, and then turn on Bluetooth on both. Select Bluetooth mode by tapping the Connect button on the mobile app.

You may now view the phone’s list of compatible devices. To use your phone as a controller, simply tap the name of your desktop.

3. Can I use a controller to play games on my Android TV?

With a Gamepad or remote, you may use your Android TV to play Google Play Games.

4. Is it possible to use a phone as a TV gamepad?

You can utilize third-party gamepads by pairing them with your phone over Bluetooth or USB. Android TV, Google TV, or a Chromecast Ultra is required for expanded controller compatibility.

5. How do I install an Android gamepad?

Go to Settings > and then to connected devices > then go to connection preferences > and then Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is enabled. After which, connect a standard Bluetooth controller to Android.

Choose Pair new device from the same menu, then adhere to the detailed directions to make your controller discoverable.

6. Does Android TV support all apps?

Only apps that are TV-compatible are available for download. They might be different from apps for tablets and smartphones.

Only apps that are supported by the TV are shown when using Google Play on Android TVs or Google TV’s Search for apps feature.

7. Is a gamepad preferable to a keyboard?

However, compared to a mouse and keyboard arrangement, the gamepad can often provide more comfort and ergonomic advantages.

A controller will always be an option for you if you’d rather not have your hands tethered to a desk or other surface because it can follow all of your movements without you needing to.

8. Where can I download great games?

Go to the online emulator.


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