Trading for dummies: Tips and tricks all beginners should know about Forex trading!

It’s not surprising that a novice chooses to engage in Forex trading given that it’s the biggest and most liquid market in the world. Foreign currency exchange, or forex, refers to traders in this market dealing in money as opposed to other trades where they deal in commodities, metals, and so forth.

Forex is nearly everyone’s go-to for trading, but it still isn’t immune to the market’s volatility. Trading in this market still has significant risks, thus it is up to the trader to develop a strategy to lower them.

So if you’re thinking about jumping into forex trading, below are tips and tricks you can use as a beginner!

Know the forex market

One of the most important steps before trading in forex is to know its market. Tons of newbie traders go through thorough research and practice before actually trading. This is to prepare themselves before wagering in this market.

Since you’re dealing with a risky market, you need some goods to back you up, and by goods, it means knowledge. Not learning about the market you’re planning to trade in is like going to war without a gun! So knowledge can protect you from various dangers and of course losses.

What you can do is take online courses, attend webinars or seminars, self-study or even make use of learning materials that come with your trading platform subscription. Forex trading may be tedious but it’s not impossible to learn and master.

Come up with a strategy

One of the key factors of becoming a successful trader is by having a concrete plan. Your plan has to have your profit goals, methodology, evaluation criteria and risk tolerance. After creating your plan, make sure you stand by it! To effectively ride the waves in forex trading you need a strategy in place. 

To really know if a strategy works you need to put it to the test, and to do that you need to apply it when trading and actually stick to it. If you notice a couple of faults, alter in along the way. And in trading, things to absolutely remember is: Leave emotions out of it.

So come up with a plan, practice it, stick to it and don’t let emotions rethink your strategy!

Know when to stop!

As a novice trader, you might not have had time to hone your constraints at a certain point and overbet or take uncalled action when trading. If you’re lucky enough, that one time you did (make an uncalled-for action) might not affect your trade but on other days, you might end up in a big pickle.

That’s why you need to stick to your strategy and take note to establish your leverage ratio in line with your needs, be aware of how much you’re prepared to risk on each trade, and never take on more risk than you can afford to lose. Because in forex trading losses are frequent but preventable.

A tip, you can try using stop-loss. Following the trader’s risk tolerance, a stop-loss order is put up to automatically end a trading position. A stop-loss order is a protective measure that can be used to guard against bigger losses, such as margin closeouts.

Expand your portfolio!

Even if you’re just starting, it’s not a bad idea to try out other trades like metals, commodities, stocks, bonds and so on. If anything, you might even learn a couple of handy things in other trades, you can use when trading in forex.

But always remember to only take on enough trades you can handle, and don’t overexpose yourself, especially now since you’re just starting off. 

Choose a good trading platform

Another thing you should really consider is using a good trading platform. This can greatly affect how you trade as well as your actual trading profit. A good trading platform consists of things such as:

  • Has low fees (for an account, transaction and spread)
  • Offers quality trading tools.
  • Has a demo account available.
  • Offers learning materials.
  • Is reputable and credible.
  • Offer various financial instruments and market options.
  • Has a great platform interface.

So when scouting for a trading platform, consider one that has all factors or at least more than 3. You’ll notice trading will be all the easier and better once you work with a trading platform that can cater to all your trading needs!

Take away

Now you know these great tips, you can now use your newfound knowledge and improve the way you trade with forex! Consider following these tips and tricks to ensure lucrative and smooth trading.

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